Speed up your social media learning curve - hire a "senior" expert.

30 Sep 2016 1:52 PM | Lamees Abourahma (Administrator)

Encorepreneurs have a wealth of wisdom and experience, but they are typically way behind on their knowledge of one major component of today's marketing mix - how to take advantage of the opportunities presented by social media. They may have a LinkedIN or Facebook account, but using social media to drive your business requires a deeper knowledge than that. 

The problem is how to get that knowlege. Social media is evolving and changing rapidly and, let's face it, we'll probably never keep up.

Why don't you do what you do in other parts of your business - find an expert. Why not find a find a young entrepreneur and trade your experience in your area of expertise for his or her abilities in using social media.  Reach out to local colleges - or even high schools - for a part-time employee or intern. You can pay them or you could even work out a trade. 

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