New App - "Blinkist" - provides "Cliff Notes" for business books.

01 Sep 2016 4:00 PM | Lamees Abourahma (Administrator)

Gary LeClair shared a nugget aboui an app that called Blinkist that provides a 15 minute summary of business related and other non-fiction books. 

Blinkist summarizes the key insights from nonfiction books and puts them on your phone or computer screen so they can be read in just 15 minutes

  • Each summary Is written by a professional writer/reviewer and

    • Starts with a 2-3 paragraph description

    • Followed by an index of important points the author is trying to make.

    • Includes about 12-15 minutes of material

1801 E. Cary Street  -  Richmond, VA 23223  -  804-986-1403

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